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Lyddemper inkl løp til Walther P99 9mm (9x19)

Lyddemper inkl løp til Walther P99 9mm (9x19)

10500 ,- inkl. mva
Lagerstatus:  Lyddemper inkl løp til Walther P99 9mm (9x19) Ikke på lager Ikke på lager
Prod. art. nr.: 2647087
Produsent:  Lyddemper inkl løp til Walther P99 9mm (9x19) Walther 

Item-No.: 2647087

The IMPULS II pistol silencer concept was developed to meet the requirements of police and military units, which need a silent weapon operating dependably both with and without silencer. The IMPULS II recoil system was designed for use on all pistols employing the „Browning“ slide system .

The design of the IMPULS II system permits effortless cleaning of the recoil module without removing the silencer. The Impuls module has an adjustment function with which point of impact can be adjusted when different ammunition is used (e.g. sub-sonic ammunition). By pouring liquids (such as water or foam) into the silencer, noise reduction can be improved by a further 10 dB A. The IMPULS II silencer is intended for attachment to a barrel with a thread. The accuracy and stance remain unaffected during user of the silencer. Warranty: 10.000 rounds with NATO standard ammunition

Set contains the silencer, 117 mm barrel for the P99, protective cap for the barrel threading and soft carrying case (not available in USA).



Maximum energy

Attenuation: 33+ dB A

Barrel length (mm)


Dimensions (L/H/W mm)


Weight (g)